Welcome to the world of Beekeeping. I am Sherlock Holmes. Allow me to be your guide…



It was suggested to me by a dear friend of mine, Dr. John Watson, that I write a lengthy article on my newest hobby for his newspaer, and originally I thought it a complete waste of my invaluable time. But when he insisted that my knowledge should be shared with others that have a need to learn about the field, I henceforth decided it a worthy endeavor. 

Here, I have composed a, shall I say, introduction sort of a first article for I wish not to waste away my time in straining over several until I am sure it is of some interest. So I’ve given Dr. Watson the instruction to please send the following to whichever paper he prefers and relate to me if or if not they indeed desire more. 


Sherlock Holmes. 

A word from the actual author: (Shhh… Don’t tell Sherlock. XD) 

Did you know that Sherlock Holmes was a beekeeper? When he retired to the countryside late in the books written by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle, Sherlock decided to take up beekeeping. How interesting it would be to catch a glimpse into what it actually entails.
Sherlock Holmes was stated to have written many articles on various subjects for newspapers and the like, wouldn’t it be fascinating to read a serial on the subject of beekeeping written by Holmes himself?

I have taken it upon myself to write a set of newspaper worthy articles devoted to this very subject. The catch? I’m writing it as it would have been written by our very favorite consulting detective. I myself, am a beekeeper, so putting myself in Sherlock’s shoes if even for a fleeting moment is quite enjoyable.

If you love Sherlock Holmes, or care even the slightest about the art of beekeeping, this is for you!

This charming set of articles is hereby dedicated to my dearest friend and fellow Holmes enthusiast, B.W. She has been quite curious in the essence of beekeeping, and I, as a beekeeper myself have been keeping her informed as to the condition of my hives. But when I remembered that Sherlock Holmes was a beekeeper, I thought it a splendid idea to write this as if Holmes himself was penning such a set of articles. So, to you, B. W. My partner in crime as well as my fellow consulting detective, two opposites in which one without the other could nere to exist.

Disclaimer: All the facts about beekeeping are completely accurate with the Victorian era, as well as the modern one. Since our beloved detective lived in the former, these sets of articles are written from that perspective. All the facts however, are true to the times.

If you wish to be notified when next Mr. Holmes finds time to post, enter you email address in the provided box and you shall be informed anon!

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